Lahu Safa Ayurvedic Syrup (200 ML x Pack of 2)


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Lahu Safa Ayurvedic syrup has a lot of advantages of cleansing and detoxifying the stomach, eliminate acne and pimples and giving glowing skin. This product is formulated by Dr. Asma Herbals, Amritsar. Which is research and formulation of C P Singh Chawla {Ayurved Expert, B.Sc. (Medical) & D Pharma (Ayurvedic)}. Lahu Safa is a herbal syrup made out of the many beneficial herbs with the utilization of 15 Essential Natural extracts like neem, tulsi, chireta, anantmool, unaav, trifla, giloy and raktchandan. That are potent blood purifiers that rid the blood of poisons and keeps acne trapped. The herbal formulation is effective herbal blood purifier syrup. Lahu Safa contains valuable herbs that purifies the blood and removes impurities. Stomach disorders and impure blood is usually a significant culprit in acne formation. Lahu Safa is additionally a robust syrup in curing heat pimples and zits.

True list of all Ingredients:

Each 10ml contains:

Herbs used in the formulation Quantity
Hemidesmus indicus 100mg
Rubiacordifolia (Rt.) 100mg
Zizyphus sativa (St.) 100mg
Sphaeranthus indicus (Fir.) 100mg
Smilax china (St.) 100mg
Pterocarpus santalinus (St.) 100mg
Polycarpeacorymbosa (Lf.) 100mg
Tinosporacordifolia (St.) 100mg
Ocimum sanctum (Lf.) 100mg
Acacia catechu (Rz.) 100mg
Berberis aristata (St.) 100mg
Swertiachireta (St.) 5mg
Azadirachtaindica (Lf.) 5mg
Rheum emodi (St.) 25mg
Triflachuran (pdr.) 100mg
Base Q.S.
Rose Flavoured
Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, MPS, PPS, Q.S.
How to use Lahu safa Ayurvedic Syrup?

1 to 2 tablespoon of Lahu Safa a day that amounts to 10 to fifteen ml of the syrup.


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