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We Are The Leading Ayurvedic Herbal Products/Medicine Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Ayurvedic Manufacturing or Ayurvedic Third party manufacturing of AYUSH / Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Products

The Ayurvedic industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that the Indian Ayurvedic market will be worth $3 billion by 2020, and the global market will be worth $6 billion. The industry has grown exponentially in India, as well as abroad, with over 5 million people benefitting from it in India alone.

Ayurveda products are becoming increasingly popular because of their natural ingredients and their healing effects on health.

Ayurvedic third party manufacturing is a process that involves the production of Ayurvedic medicines by a third party. This is done in order to meet the needs of a larger population.

This process has been in practice for several centuries and has been beneficial for the people who are not able to make their own medicine due to lack of time, knowledge or resources

Dr. Asma Herbals  offers complete Third Party Contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic medicine and herbal products and packaging services. Asma Herbals has streamlined contract manufacturing services to assist you with each step of the process, including planning, formulation, production, labeling and packaging.

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 and Ayurvedic gmp certified third party manufacturing company to provide state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses the most premium technology in producing ayurvedic products. All manufacturing and testing are conducted in our GMP-certified facility.

>You will be assisted by Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla ji (B.Sc. Medical, D.Pharmacy Ayurvedic), Chief Operating Officer to provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your contract manufacturing needs within given time span. Moreover, Prabhdeep Singh Chawla, Chief Marketing & Sales Manager, MBA Marketing, France will help you with bulk, private labeled, or even custom formulation orders. Also, We Provide support in third party manufacturing of ayurvedic products in delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Jammu & Kashmir. Furthermore, we are famous in Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing in Haridwar, Baddi, etc.

  • Minimum Quantity required capsules in 60 Cap Pack- 300 Nos. of Bottles
  • Also, Minimum Quantity required capsules in 30 Cap Pack- 500 Nos. of Bottles
  • Moreover, Minimum Quantity required capsules in blister Pack of 10×10 Cap- 10000 Nos. of  Strips Or 1000 Boxes (10X10 Cap)

Minimum Quantity required for Syrup is 200ml Pack – 600 Nos. of Bottles

Also, Minimum Quantity required for Syrup is 100ml Pack – 1200 Nos. of Bottles

But outer mono carton will print minimum 2000 Nos. and can be used in next batch.

Herbal Oils 200ml Packing- 300 Nos. of Bottles

Also, Bulk Manufacturing Herbal Oils with 100ml Packing- 500 Nos. of Bottles

Moreover, Third Party Manufacturing Herbal Oils with 50ml Packing- 1200 Nos. of Bottles

But, outer mono carton will be printed 3000 Nos. and can be used in next batch

  • All Pricing are ex-factory at Amritsar, Punjab and excluding GST, freight & Insurance.
  • 50%  Payment advance along with purchase order & Balance at the time of delivery against the proforma invoice.
  • Product formulation approval/Lab Test charges extra for every product ( one time only).
  • Label designs will provide by the buyer or can also manage by our agency at extra cost.
  • Delivery within 30 days from the date of purchase order & product approval from the state drugs licensing authority (Ayurveda Department)
  • Mono Carton/Outer Carton minimum printing 2000 Nos, Client has to maintain an inventory of packaging if the order is below 3000 Nos. of syrup or oils where they need outer carton.

Further, To get rate quotes for customized orders you can send your inquiry for Third Party Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Products at: 

CALL US AT: 9914702266

Our Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing & Private Labelling Models:-

ayurvedic third party contract manufacturing banner 1

For Marketing under our Brand name with your own label design which has our approved formulation. It can be ready within 10 days after Approval from AYUSH department.

Minimum Order Quantity: 500pc 

ayurvedic third party contract manufacturing banner 2

Market under your Brand name with your own label design which has our already approved formulation. It can be ready within 10 days after Approval from AYUSH department.

Minimum Order Quantity: 500pc 

ayurvedic third party contract manufacturing banner 3 (1)

You Provide your Product idea. Then we, research & develop under the technical guidance of Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla Ji and apply your formulation to the AYUSH dept.
After approval, the Product can be manufactured within 10 days.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000pc 

Cloning / knock offsSend us your sample with label at Dr. Asma Herbals, 8-Rampura Road, Church wali gali no. 2, Cheetankalan, Daburji, Amritsar – 143301 #9914702266
Competitive PricesWe provide the highest quality products with the most competitive prices.
Turnaround TimeOur systems are designed to meet stiff deadlines.
ConfidentialityWe maintain strict confidentiality in all respects i.e. formulas specifications etc. In fact, our first step is to enter into a NDA.
Product PossibilitiesOur of state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity ensures fast turnaround of quality products across an infinite range of customization possibilities.
QualityWe adhere to the most stringent quality control as per ISO 9001: 2015 & GMP standards and AYUSH Norms.


(Private Label & Third Party Manufacturer)

Launch Your Own Brand Of Ayurvedic Products In Just 30 Days.


  • Ayurvedic Oils
  • Ayurvedic Cosmetics
  • Herbal Cosmetics
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Tea
  • Sanitisers


  • GMP Certified Unit (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor And Physician
  • In-House Laboratory for Quality control of Herbs
  • On-Time Delivery: We deliver our orders on time with full transparency if any issues prevail during manufacturing.
  • We use higher concentrated pure and standardized herbal extracts (10:1)
  • No added synthetic colours, chemicals, and artificial flavouring agents

Best For FMCG Companies | Aspiring Entrepreneurs | SMEs | MSME’s

Dr. Asma Herbal’s Team Abide To Stringent Rules, Processes And Policies In Order To Maintain These Certificates

Dr. Asma Herbals Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Capabilities:

Manufacturing Services

  • Tablets (Kidney stones, general health, joint pain relief, UTI, anti-diarrhoea, and many more)
  • Churnas (General debility, tasty & digestive, gastric disorders, laxative.)
  • and many other Personal Care Products.

Packaging Services

  • Bottles medicine pill bottle container black brown white

  • Unit Doses ayurvedic tablets with herbal colour

  • Blister Packs   medicine capsule blister packaging

  • Bulk Packaging  bulk packing of ayurvedic medicine and classical ayurvedic medicine

Technical Support

  • Custom formulations and packaging

  • Pilot batches and short runs

Ayurvedic Sections at our Factory:

  • Pulverizer Section: 
    In this section, we grind the herbs in very fine particles (1000 kg in a day). To have the maximum surface area of herbs, to have maximum absorption rate. The more the absorption rate of the drug, the more will be the more efficacy.

  • Dryer Section:
     For Third Party Contract to dry your powders to obtain contamination-free Powder. We have Fluid Hot Air Dryer (150 kilograms in an 8-hour shift) & Hotbed Air Dryer (150 kg in an 8-hour shift) which are used to dry and decontaminate the powder with hot air. which are then used to either fill in Capsules or to make syrups.

  • Capsule section:
    We can fulfil your Ayurvedic Third Party manufacturing orders in the form of capsules. As we have Automatic Capsule Filling Machine which produces 1,00,000 capsules per 8-hour shift. Our Cone mixture machine helps in mixing fine powders before filling into Capsule Filling Machine. This helps in fine the quality of Capsule. We prepare the formulation into very fine powder. Which is a very tedious task for herbs to grind into very fine powder. The more the fine powder, the more the surface area which gives a higher absorption rate. This helps in providing a higher efficacy rate for our ayurvedic capsules. Thus, resulting in faster relief.

    Automatic capsule filling machine to fill grinded herbal powder in capsules

      Automatic capsule filling machine to fill ground herbal powder in capsules

  • Blister Packing Section:
    we have a fully automatic blister packing machine (10,000 strips in an 8-hour shift) to accommodate a single zero capsule and double zero capsules to fill ayurvedic medicine bulk orders.

    Capsule Blister medicine Machine

      Automatic capsule filling machine to fill grinded herbal powder in capsules

  • Syrup & Juice Section: 
    We have the tendency to manufacture 2000 bottles in a day.  Such as Ayurvedic Syrups like Blood purifiers, Liver care, Digestion, female problems etc.

    Automatic Syrup filling machine

      Automatic Syrup filling machine

  • Ointment Section: 
    We have automatic ointment cream filling machine to fill 1500 tubes in a day.

    Filling, Sealing & Batch coding of Ointment tubes

      Filling, Sealing & Batch coding of Ointment tubes

  • Cream section: 
     We also have Double jacketed Planetary mixer to manufacture 1200 cream packs in a day.

    Double jacketed planetary mixer to manufacture herbal creams and ayurvedic ointments

      Double jacketed planetary mixer to manufacture herbal creams and ayurvedic ointments

  • Oil & Spray Section: 
    We have the tendency to produce 1000 kilogram of Ayurvedic Oils and Herbal Sprays.

    Herbal Oil section in Ayurvedic company

      Herbal Oil section

  • Tablet Section: 
    We can manufacture 1,00,000 Tablets in a day such as Giloy ghanvati tablets, Lahu safa blood purifier Tablets and classical ayurvedic medicines.

  • Powder Section: 
    If you wish to manufacture Ayurvedic Powders. We can provide you 200 kg batch in a day.

  • Amla Candy section:
    We have the ability to produce 400 kg semi-prepared Amla in our Steel Drier to Produce Medi Amla Candy Meetha & Chatpata.

  • Eye drop Section: 
    We can manufacture 150 kilo of Eye drops in Double distillation plant.

    Eye drops section

      Eye drops section

  • Bhatti Section: 
    We can produce 600 kilo of Syrups in  our 3 Bhattis we have in our Bhatti section.

    Bhatti Section of Ayurvedic company factory

      Bhatti Section of Ayurvedic company factory

  • Batch Coding section: 
    We can punch M.R.P., Expiry date, manufacturing date to 12,000 labels per day.

    Another photo of Working of automatic Batch coding machine

      Working of automatic Batch coding machine

  • Automatic Labelling Machine: 
    We also have labelling machine to stick packaging labels on Capsules container bottles automatically. Which provides faster and efficient means of labelling provision.


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  1. Good Manufacturing facility..1. Quality is very good 2. Pack design/artwork very good3. Service good4. Rates at the part were nice dealing with the organization

  2. My Name is Sahu. My personal experience is shared with all. Dr. Asma Herbals is an excellent and dynamic pharmaceutical company and all almost 50 years of experience. This organization is very cooperative to their clients as a business concern, as well as a very trustee. For those who are interested in an Ayurvedic pharma franchise, ayurvedic third-party manufacturing is best for you.

  3. We manufacture Syrups from Dr. Asma Herbals such as Liver Syrup, Gynae syrup, and Health Tonic in 200 ml bottles for the past 5.5 years. They give us on-time delivery within 15 days. We are 2000 Km far from their manufacturing facility but the quality of their products is really good.

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