What is Ayurvedic Manufacturing license?

The Ayurvedic manufacturing license is granted by AYUSH. All kind of manufacturer who is dealing with the Ayurvedic or Herbal products in India is required to obtain the license from AYUSH which is regulated by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Types of AYUSH Licenses required by manufacturers:

  1. AYUSH Manufacturing License.
  2. AYUSH Loan License.
  3. Contract Manufacturing / Third party manufacturing / White label Manufacturing / Product to Product manufacturing.

A) Complete Manufacturing License

It is obtained in the cases when the applicant is desirous of obtaining the license has planned for manufacturing and marketing, both of the products. In this case, the manufacturer has to set up his own manufacturing unit.

B) AYUSH Loan License

In this kind of set up the manufacturing unit is not owned by the applicant. The products are manufactured by the third party manufacturers. Such Loan license is to apply with a GMP certified manufacturer and thereafter it will be issued to the applicant company. Thereafter the product approval is required to be obtained from the authorities.

C) AYUSH Contract / Third-Party Manufacturing License

In such arrangements neither the person has the license nor has the manufacturing set of his own, only the marketing part is done by the contract / third – hand manufacturing, in that case, all compliance and liaison work shall be taken care by the manufacturer.

The Ayurvedic manufacturing license of the manufacturer shall be used; the manufacturer will have to get approval for your product from the concerned authorities.

However, you can provide the raw materials and packaging material or manufacturer can arrange it from his own sources.

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