Introduction: What is Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing and What Benefits does it Have?

Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing is to source various ayurveda products directly from the manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicine. You can customize your products. As well as change the packaging of the products under your own Brand name. Everything is customizable according to your needs. Ayurvedic Manufacturing is very vast field where you can manufacture Ayurvedic Capsules, Herbal Syrups, Creams, Powder, Classical ayurvedic Medicines, etc. The Indian Ayurveda system is one of the best in the world as there are no side effects. The benefits of contracting a manufacturer for Ayurvedic Medicines is you are not dependant upon the various Technical Aspects of Manufacturing your products. You do not need to invest in raw materials and machinery for the production of ayurvedic medicines.


How to Choose the Right Indian Manufacturing Company for Your Needs

The top Ayurvedic Manufacturers have a legacy of 25+ Years. As, they know the old Indian Ayurveda System very well. Also, They have been working in the field of Ayurvedic Medicines for contract manufacturing from past so many years. This gets easy as they know what are all the requirements of building a brand. One such example is Dr. Asma Herbals which has a legacy of 50 years since 1972. The company was built under the supervision of Vaid Parduman Singh ji (Since 1972) from Amritsar which now serves more than 250+ Products. Now, do check that, the company is ISO 9001:2015 & GMP Certified AYUSH Licence so they are licensed from the Government of India  to manufacture Ayurvedic Medicines. Dr. Asma Herbals is one such example of best Ayurvedic contract manufacturers. Also, Do check their premises if they have all the sections as well as the machinery to hold all manufacturing segments of Capsules, Syrups, Powders, Creams, Oils, etc. Dr. Asma Herbals has all these sections to fulfill all your needs.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for Your Product?

To choose the Right Manufacturer for your Products is to check whether they are renowned in the category they are already selling. For Example, If you’re looking for Ayurvedic Piles Capsules. Do check if the Best third-party manufacturing company has presence over Google, Amazon, Flipkart. What are their reviews on the Ayurvedic Piles Medicine? From this, you can understand well the status of the right manufacturer for your product.

You should always work will well renowned company only.

What You Need to Know Before Approaching or Contracting an Indian Manufacturer?

The considerations in choosing an ayurveda contract manufacturer is to check their website. What product range fo they offer. Will you be able to manufacture different categories of Products. Certain things are to be known before approaching them:

First of all, What product do you want to manufacture. Then, what should be the packing for example, 30 capsule pack in Plastic container or Strip Pack/ blister Packing. Then how much quantity you wish to manufacture your ayurvedic products. Also, do not forget about your deadline when will you receive your goods.

To find a good manufacturing partner, you need to know if you’re directly in touch with the owner of the company or not. Do have a conversation with him, how he deals with your job work order, How accessible is he, Is he willing to guide you properly, Is he transparent in telling you the cost of packaging, the medicine, etc.


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