Dr. Asma Herbals is Best Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company in Amritsar, India for
Monopoly Based - PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity,
Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing, Job work, 3rd Party label.

We are an ayurvedic manufacturing company that manufactures
300+ Products and are famous for Brands in FMCG (OTC) sector such as

Commando Capsule & oil, Pygo-9 Ayurvedic Capsules for Piles, Jiwan Kranti Health Capsule, Uri Nashak Ayurvedic Capsule for Uric Acid.

We are the best ayurvedic third party manufacturing company in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

We are into manufacturing of Ayurvedic Capsules, Herbal Oils, Powders, Syrups, Ointments, Tablets, Balms, Creams, etc.

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Worth buying this when you use it regularly. Once Uric acid or Gout is in control, keep taking 3 caps a day and your life is sorted.

Sanjeev Ks

It's good to discard uric acid from body. This is a natural product. Highly recommended for all age groups.. Must try

Sanmeet Kaur

I am immensely grateful to be using this wondrous hair oil, "Glosma Ayurvedic", i have seen a noticeable hair growth of around 4-5 inches in just 2 months of regular use. Even in the monsoon, which is considered as a rough time for the hair, my hair didn't fall like it used to, instead it continued to grow, i can see so many hair growing on my bald spots near the temples of my head. Apart from the hair growth, i can feel my hair look more lustrous, deep black and stronger. This product is highly recommended as I believe it is purely ayurvedic and provides significant results.


It's very good and effective.

Nice product, ver very effective

Extremely effective. You will start feeling the result within 10 days. Effective in joint pain and redness.

Gugu d.

So so much tasty i like it and loved it great taste only buy this product Ashma Amla Candy very very tasty

Shaik A.

Taste is good and chatpata.. price is little bit more. should be under 150.

What's your concern?

Our Best Selling Products by
Dr. Asma Herbals,
Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company

Our Top Ayurvedic Medicine Product Categories

Ayurvedic Medicine for Daily Energizer

Dr. Asma herbals Company provides Ayurvedic Medicine for Men's Daily Energizer for General Weakness, Stamina, Strength such as Commando Capsules & Commando Oil, Dr. Asma Shilajit Capsule, shudh Shilajit Tikki, shudh Kesar, Veerya Paushtik Churan for Ayurvedic Manufacturing.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles / Hemorrhoids

Dr. Asma herbals Company provides Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles, Hemorrhoids and Constipation such as Pygo-9 Ayurvedic Capsules and ointment (tube) for Piles, Sehaz Kabz Nashak pet saaf churan (granules) which is ayurvedic medicine for constipation. Learn More about Piles Treatment Guide at home.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Stomach problems

Dr. Asma herbals manufactures various ayurvedic medicines for Gas, Acidity, Constipation, Digestion, indigestion, flatulence, detoxification of intestines, etc. Such as Paet Dhara Pachan Mixture and tablets, Medi Amla Meetha and Chatpata candy, Asmazyme digestive syrup, Medi Amla Juice, etc

Ayurvedic Medicine for Women's Problems

Dr. Asma herbals manufactures various ayurvedic medicines for Leucorrhoea, white discharge, irregular menstrual cycle, blood purification, acne, body toner, etc. Such as Gynaefit Syrup, Lahu Safa blood purifier Syrup and tablets, Supari Pak, Calcifeen Iron Calcium tonic, Commando Body toner Cream, etc.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain Relief

Dr. Asma herbals manufactures various ayurvedic medicines for Joint pain, Inflammation, soreness, Backache, Swelling, Muscular Pains etc. Such as Dardorest-40 Capsules, Oil, Spray and Syrup which is Ayurvedic Joint support Medicine. Also, Uri Nashak Ayurvedic Capsules which is ayurvedic medicine for uric acid.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Stamina & Immunity

Dr. Asma herbals manufactures various ayurvedic medicines for Immunity, Good Health, Fitness, Fever, Body Grow, etc. Such as Giloy Tulsi Amla Syrup, Prabh amrit Tulsi Drops, Guduchi Ghanvati (Giloy Tablets), Jiwan Kranti Health Capsule Benefits/ Jeevan Kranti capsule, Prabh Amrit Health Tonic.

Photo of Vaid Parduman Singh ji from Dr. Asma Herbals

Vaid Parduman Singh ji

Ayurvedic Practitioner Since 1972

Cp Singh chawla amritsar Chanpreet Dr. Asma Herbals Blogs by Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla

Ayurved Expert
CP Singh Chawla

Chief Operating Officer
B.Sc. (Medical), D. Pharma (Ayurvedic)

Prabhdeep singh chawla MBA Paris Dr Asma Herbals

Prabhdeep Singh Chawla

Chief Sales & Marketing Manager
B.Sc. (Medical),
Herbal Medicine (UofM, USA),
MBA Marketing (Paris)

dr harshdeep singh chawla mbbs amritsar doctor adesh medical

Dr. Harshdeep Singh Chawla

MBBS Graduate
(AIMSR, Bathinda)

Connect with us for any Query related to Job Work, as We are the best Third Party Ayurvedic Manufacturing company

7 thoughts on “Dr. Asma Herbals”

  1. Krishnan Rao

    I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Asma Herbals on the internet and ordered their herbal products. I am a complete novice when it comes to herbal remedies, but they had a great informational website and were easy to get ahold of. They responded to my email within a day. They were extremely helpful in providing me with all of the information.

  2. Saurabh sharma, Delhi

    This is my first order from Dr. Asma Herbals. I’ve been in the health and beauty industry for many years now and I’ve never come across a company that is more ethical and environmentally conscious than Dr. Asma Herbals. I was really impressed by their commitment to good manufacturing practices and their efforts to educate the public on a variety of topics. I was given the opportunity to review their products and I have to say I am highly impressed by their skin care products.

  3. I am a huge fan of herbal medicines and for good reason. I’ve tried dozens of different brands and none of them compare to Dr. Asma Herbals. I love that I can get all my herbal remedies from one place and the packaging is awesome. I think it’s a great way to get started on herbal medicine and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to try herbal medicine.

  4. Best ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company for manufacturing of syrups, capsules, powders, tablets, creams and classical ayurvedic medicines.

  5. Jaidev Herbals

    We gave 3rd party labeling job work order to Dr. Asma Herbals. They completed the order within one week. Their No Salt no sugar no soda kabz churan is very authentic and effective in constipation problems. we are looking forward to a long relationship with dr asma herbals to manufacture our products.

  6. Dr. Asma Herbals is the best authentic company for Ayurvedic products in India. Nationally and internationally acknowledged through Commando Capsules, all their ayurvedic medicines are prepared with active agents from naturally sourced ingredients. Dr. Asma Herbal’s products can be easily purchased, and they have a very low chance of producing any side effects because each product goes beyond the standard manufacturing practices. Each product by Dr. Asma Herbals passes through stringent quality tests, ensuring that each product is a precise mix of only the best, natural ingredients.

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