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Stemming from the roots of Ayurveda, Dr. Asma Herbals strives to re-invent 50 years of legacy for Ayurvedic Company in India

Settled on the land of Holy City, Amritsar, Dr. Asma Herbals, the best Ayurvedic Company in India. Which is an initiative to bring back traditional forms of Ayurveda from where it had all begun. In 1972, renowned Vaid (Well experienced Ayurveda practitioner) Parduman Singh Ji set up an Ayurveda legacy of 50 years. That, largely influenced the Ayurveda health care system across North India, predominantly in Amritsar, Punjab. His growing passion is to cure patients with the help of Ayurvedic treatment. It had helped him ease the pain of thousands of patients. He was known as one of the best Ayurveda practitioners in India, who reformed the way people approached the treatment of illness.

How did Dr. Asma Herbals become the Best Ayurvedic Company in India?

Born to inherit this lineage, Vaid Parduman Singh Ji’s son, Ayurveda Expert CP Singh Chawla (B.Sc. Medical, D.Pharma Ayurvedic) with now 25 Years of Experience was brought up amidst this deep knowledge of Ayurveda. Early on, he developed an interest in learning the Ayurveda form of medicine and passionately studied the trends to modify and develop medicines based on specific patient needs. He actively continued to serve as an Ayurveda practitioner for his father up to the year 1997.

Being a simple, respected Ayurvedic expert who had now devoted all his time to growing an empire set up by his father in the early 70s. Upon building the Best Ayurvedic company in India, Dr. Asma Herbals. He understood the difficulties of building a business from scratch at a humongous scale.

Dr. Asma Herbals now manufactures 250+ ayurvedic medicines which comprise Herbal Capsules, Syrups, Powders, Herbal oils, ointments, Creams, and personal care products. Dr. Asma Herbals also manufactures bulk classical Ayurvedic Medicines.

How did Dr. Asma Herbals become the best Ayurvedic Company in Europe, UAE & Nepal?

Years went by and as destiny would have it, CP Singh Chawla Ji’s son, Prabhdeep Singh Chawla had also grown with a keen interest in learning the Ayurveda form of medicine. As he entered adulthood, he graduated in the field of Medical Science. With an MBA specializing in Digital Marketing Strategy from Paris. The unique amalgamation of Digital skills that he had learned from Paris. It gave him a new direction for Dr. Asma Herbals to promote their products all over the world.

Prabhdeep Singh Chawla gave a new direction to the business by quickly developing the website and publishing their 250+ Ayurvedic Medicines over website and E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, TATA 1MG, MyUpchar, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. He knew Amazon was a global brand and therefore decided to set up his online store in 2021.

With their online presence, Dr. Asma Herbals has been able to provide third-party ayurvedic manufacturing opportunities for people all over India. Some of their best formulations in demand are Ayurvedic Medicine for Uric Acid, Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles/ Hemorrhoids, etc. Dr. Asma Herbals has also been able to connect with export houses in Nepal, UAE, Europe & Canada. Now, They have been able to build their Brands presence in other countries.

He says that he doesn’t want to compete with anyone. All He wants to make is authentic Ayurveda products that are made from completely natural, organic raw products. Which is to concentrate on what we do best as a family, heal people. Dr. Asma Herbals, the Best Ayurvedic company in India is s now celebrating its 50 years of legacy.

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