What are your thoughts on the AYUSH ministry recommending the homeopathy medicine Arsenic Album 30, to mitigate the spread of coronavirus?

Arsenic album 30 has been recommended by ministry of AYUSH as a preventive measure. They say it’s a homeopathic “medicine” that must be taken empty stomach daily for a course of 3 days. They have cited not even a single source to claim its efficacy. I don’t know why & how on earth can they prescribe “something” as a medicine without checking anything about its scientific aspects. Homeopathic “medicines” can never withstand the scrutiny of modern science & medicine. They never explain about the mechanism behind their medicines.

All homeopathic practitioners say is “like cure like” & “dilution increases potency” which are the 2 most basic fundamentals on which the entire elephant of homeopathy lies. Both of these fundamentals are just some random pure reflective & hypothetical thoughts. Homeopaths claim that substances that causes symptoms of a disease in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in sick person, if given in very small quantity. This small quantity is achieved by reckless dilution again & again even ridiculously beyond Avogadro’s constant.

For example, we all drink a cup of coffee whenever we feel drowsy. Now, if you are suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia, homeopaths will give you a liquid which they call “coffea cruda”. This coffea cruda is made from roasted coffe beans which are diluted recklessly again & again to increase its potency. Even a 12th class student with mere knowledge of “Mole concept” of elementary chemistry can decide that this is a flawed concept which can never work!!

Now coming to arsenic album. Homeopaths know about SARS-Cov2 that it’s severe acute respiratory syndrome which includes symptoms like cough & difficulty in breathing. They also know that arsenic causes respiratory problems & difficulty in breathing among healthy individual so they claim that diluting arsenic again & again to prepare something they call “medicine” can cure these symptoms in sick individuals. This arsenic album is nothing but highly diluted aqueous arsenic trioxide (As2o3) which is obtained by separating arsenic from Iron, nickel or cobalt by heating them on high temperature. The arsenic powder is then diluted with lactose. the final preparation is diluted again & again beyond Avogadro’s constant which means this so called medicine “arsenic album 30” would not even contain a single atom of arsenic in gallons of it.

Now when homeopaths are served with this concrete evidence of modern chemistry, they tend to claim that “vigorous shaking”(or pulverizing) between dilutions would leave behind a “Spirit-Like Essence” that cures by reviving the body’s “vital force.”

If this ain’t pseudoscience them what really is?


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