Ayurvedic hand sanitizer

Human skin comes wrapped and sealed with its own natural skin cream made by sebum, Lecithin, Cholesterol & water. We do our best to break down this natural environmental barrier using hot water, detergents, solvents, polishes & waxes that dehydrate the skin and remove natural protective oils. We have such a compulsion to keep things clean and shiny that it is difficult to keep our naked hands out of hot water. This behavior often results in “dishpan hands” and yeast infections around the nails. In solving this dilemma, gloves come to the rescue. Whether you are washing, cleaning, or otherwise handling harsh materials, wear water gloves to protect your hands against the elements. Fabrics for gloves have come a long way from the days of metal chains, linen, and silk. Today gloves and mittens are made from every material you can think of including canvas, cotton, nylon, terry cot, wool, cowhide, deeskin, goatskin, latex, pigskin, and polypropylene, rubber, suede, split leather, and viny. Gloves are also available in every color of the rainbow and more. There are camouflage gloves for sportsmen; garden gloves with floral prints; water-repellent gloves with cotton-knit lining in colors coordinated to match any kitchen.

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