What is the best ayurvedic medicine for Hair fall?

Today, almost every one is facing hair problems, some of the significant hair problems include baldness, premature graying of hairs, thinning of hair, excess hair fall. Treatment of these in modern day medicines need time and also require expensive products and procedures. Even after paying so much time and money the results which modern medicine gives is temporary. To treat all the hair related problems, Ayurveda works like wonder. Use of Ayurveda is pocket-friendly and also provide a permanent cure. Ayurveda work on the root of the problem to give a permanent solution of the hair ailments.

Ayurveda helps in hair growth by working both inside out. It works from inside by providing required herbs and nutritional content in our body and from outside by making physically more strong and combatting against physical damages to the hair.

The reason for this disturbance and hair loss and hair related problems includes:-
  1. Genetics:- This refers to people who are carrying the hair problems in there gene from generation to generation.
  2. Hormonal Imbalance:- With the age and time body undergo various hormonal changes, these hormonal changes at time create an imbalance which leads to hair problems.
  3. Stress:- In the modern world, stress is the leading reason for hair loss and other hair related problem.
  4. Unbalanced Diet:- Diet plays a vital role in hair health. Nutritional deficiency is also a big reason for hair falls.
  5. Chronic illness:- People who are ill and on the continuous medication are very pronto hair problems.
  6. Sudden and excess of weight loss:- People undergoing weight training or on weight management program suffer from hair fall on sudden weight loss.
  7. Excessive Smoking:- People who smoke and intake excess of alcohol and coffee also suffer from hair problems.

After finding the main reason of hair problem, Ayurveda works on the root cause of that problem. There are many herbs which work on the particular issues of hair problem. Some of the well-known herbs and there uses in hair growth are:

  1. Amla:- Amla is the excellent source of Vitamin C, minerals, and is an excellent antioxidant. This nutrient value of amla, make it an ideal hair tonic. It is used both internally and externally. Use of Amla helps in hair strengthening. Applying Amla juice to scalp helps to fight dandruff and conditions hair.
  2. Bhringraaj:- It is one of the oldest well-known herb used for treating hair problems. It is beneficial in the treatment of baldness and excess hair loss. It also helps in preventing premature greying of hairs. It is used both internally and externally. External application of Bhringraaj oil is very useful in getting the desired result.
  3. Brahmi:- Brahmi is well known as the brain tonic. Among so many benefits, it also contributes to healthy hair. Brahmi oil can be used to provide good nutrient content to the hair roots.
  4. Ritha:-Ritha is a natural hair promoter and used for cleansing of hairs. It is instrumental in fighting dandruff and premature graying of hair.
  5. Neem:- Neem is one of the most famous herbs of Ayurveda, It is a wonder plant that helps in most of the ailments. It also works like magic in hair problems. Washing hair with neem extract and applying neem oil 20 mins before taking a bath is very useful in preventing hair fall. It is a well-tested method for getting beautiful results.

All these herbs are excellent remedies for all hair related problems. These herbs do wonders in healthy hair growth and give speedy result if combined with healthy diet and preventive measures. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, this is what Ayurveda also believes. We recommend the use of Glosma Ayurvedic Kesh vardhak oil for Hair Fall, Itching, etc,

Glosma Ayurvedic Keshvardak oil is an ayurvedic herbal oil. It is used for hair re growth, hair fall, remove dandruff, scalp issues & itching. It is research and formulation of C P Singh Chawla. Who is an Ayurveda Expert with B.Sc. (Medical) & D Pharma (Ayurvedic). This ayurvedic oil is manufactured by Dr. Asma Herbals, Amritsar. Firstly, your hair is claimed to be your crowning glory. It is normal to require to boost your hair, if it is not up to your satisfaction. Secondly, if you are trying to regrow hair that you’ve lost, then, simply use this Ayurvedic Kesh vardak OilThirdly, this Herbal oil is specially formulated for the regrowth of hair. Moreover, it is a lightweight and non-greasy ayurvedic oil which is ready to solve all hair problems. Furthermore, it is a mix of 5 – oils and 7 herbs.

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Some of the essential factors to be considered are:-
  1. Do Regular exercise and yoga
  2. Avoid taking stress and tension for day to day activities
  3. Take sound sleep of 7-8hrs
  4. Intake 3-4 liters of water daily
  5. Avoid alcohol, coffee, and smoking
  6. Include iron-rich content in your diet
  7. Avoid excess of oily and spicy foods.

Follow the above-mentioned lifestyle tips and remedies to make your hairs healthy and strong. Also, keep in mind that taking stress and smoking can slow or even stop the healing process.


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