Joint pain is intense pain or aches in the connecting points of two bones which could interfere with your everyday functioning. Signs and symptoms may include swelling, redness, inflammation of a joint combined with excessive pain and discomfort. In this Blog, Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla ji talks about that joint pain can occur in almost any part of the body, it may commonly occur in knees, shoulders, and hips. Joint pain is a common problem that occurs with age and its ayurvedic medicine. But, there are other reasons why you could be experiencing this:

1. Lack of Joint Mobility Due to Inactive and Sedentary Lifestyle

Joint mobility normally occurs with the progression of age but can also occur in those who have sedentary desk jobs or do not get enough exercise usually experience discomfort due to immobility. Light exercise and yoga can help in dealing with this pain. Yoga poses with gentle, unforced movements such as Suryanamaskar, Gomukh Asana, Vriksh Asana, etc. you could take out an hour from your schedule in the evening and pick up a sport, cycle, or brisk walk. The mobility of joints can be solved through massaging with this joint pain ayurvedic medicine, Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Relieving Spray made by Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla ji.

2. Obesity or Overweightness Leading to Pressure on the Joints


Excessive body weight puts pressure on the joints, especially your knee joints. Losing weight is a good permanent solution if the cause of your joint inflammation is obesity. Losing weight would also help you to perform physical activities better than before. You can try going on diets such as keto-diet or you can try Dr. Asma Herbal’s Keto Fit Ayurvedic Capsules, which is a combination of herbs and spices which helps in promoting metabolic activity. However, the diets and supplements would only work if you make conscious lifestyle changes.

3. Past Injuries Such as Fractures, Muscle Pull, Sprains, and Strains, etc.

Past injuries can continue to bother even after years they occur. Even after healing of a fracture, the bones still remain sensitive and can get inflamed due to external pressure. Past injuries also start acting up during the colder months. Make sure that you’re applying a heat pack to the affected area every time the pain occurs to make sure that inflammation levels go down. In order to fasten the recovery from Muscle pull, Sprains. You can try Dardorest-40 Pain Relieving Capsules which is an effective ayurvedic medicine for joint pain that contains Shallaki Extracts that help in fast recovery.

4. Serious Medical Issue That Might Require Professional Help

In some cases, joint pain may be a symptom of serious, underlying bone disease such as arthritis, gout disease, bursitis, infection in a bone, or a joint. For such cases, you would definitely need to consult a professional. In order to manage your pain due to such bone diseases, regularly massage your inflamed joint with Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla ji recommends, Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Relieving Oil for inflammation, and pain of bone and joint.


5. Pain due to increase in Uric Acid

Raised uric acid prompts painful joints conditions like gout and can likewise also mess with the kidney. Uric acid can be controlled through herbal ayurvedic prescriptions and changing the diet. Ayurved Expert CP Singh Chawla ji recommends Uri Nashak Ayurvedic Capsules to control uric acid within 2 months. The recommended dose is, 2 capsules in morning, 2 capsules in evening, 2 capsules at night with water. 

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