Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Massage Oil (35 ML x Pack of 4)


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In ancient India, pain relieving herbal oils were widely used by Rishis and Munis. Now first time in India. Dr. Asma Herbals Amritsar has developed & prepared a new medicine. which is scientifically proven & standardized pain-relieving herbal formula under the name of Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Massage Oil.

Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Massage Oil is an excellent pain relieving and soothing agent & innumerable people have got immense benefit & relief from their pain & suffering by local application of this oil.

Each 10ml contains:

Herbs used in the formulation Quantity
Peppermint ka phool 10% w/w
Gaultheria Tel 7% w/w
Kapoor (Camphor) 6% w/w
Nilgiri ka tel 3% w/w
Lavang ka tel 2% w/w
Tarpin ka tel 2% w/w
Dalchini ka tel 1% w/w
Oil / Insert base Q.S.

Backache, Sprains, Muscular Pain, Body Pain.

How to use joint pain oil?

Apply small quantity of Dardorest-40 Joint Pain Massage Oil & massage gently over the painful parts till it completely absorbed. Continue to massage lightly for 20 minutes. In fact, for good results while bathing pour hot water on the affected part. For best results, apply the oil at least three times a day.

For Cold, Bronchitis, Sinus & stuffy nose. It is advisable to rub the oil gently on the chest or back or take steam inhalations.

In Conclusion, for Relief from Joint and Muscle Pain use Dardorest-40 Pain Relieving Spray. Similarly, Spray the contents from 5cm distance upon the affected part twice a day. Cover sprayed area with a cloth for better results or if necessary, massage the affected part gently.

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dardorest ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain back ache musle painDardorest-40 Joint Pain Massage Oil (35 ML x Pack of 4)