Commando Ayurvedic Cream (100 Gram x Pack of 1)


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Commando Ayurvedic Cream is a herbal massage cream for women containing a valuable & trusted combination of ancient medicinal herbs & oils. Which is formulated by Dr. Asma Herbals, Amritsar. Commando Ayurvedic Cream is researched and formulated by C P Singh Chawla {Ayurved Expert, B.Sc. (Medical) & D Pharma (Ayurvedic)}.

Use Ayurvedic Cream for 3-5 minutes till the cream is absorbed. Use it twice a day for three months regularly or as directed by the physician.

  • It is advisable to take the C.B.T capsule along with using Commando Ayurvedic Cream for 2-3 months.
  • Take a lot of water before going for a morning walk and do light exercises for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do yoga asanas like :- Bhujangasan, Gaumukhasan
  • Change your eating/ living habits:- Increase proteins like Sprouted pulses, salad, milk, curd, and cheese in your diet. Avoid taking fast & junk food.

Anacyclus pyrethrum (Rt.) ext.5%, Syzygium aromatium (Fr.B.) ext.1%, Myristica fragrans (Sd.) ext.5%, Myristica fragrans arillus (Fr.) ext5%, Celastrus paniculatus (Sd.) ext.5%, Pheretima posthuman ext.4%, Peganum harmala (Sd.) ext.4%, Camphor (oil.)2%, Strychnos nux vomica (pure) (Sd.) ext.)3%, Jatropha glandulifera (Sd.) ext.1%, Preservatives: Methylparaben Sodium0.05%, Perfumed & Creamed Base Q.S.


Note: The results may vary from person to person.


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