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Dybe 10 Capsule is an Ayurvedic diabetes Tablets or Capsule of premium Quality. It is Manufactured by Dr. Asma Herbals, Amritsar a renowned Ayurvedic & G.M.P Certified Company. It is used for the Medication of diabetes and blood sugar control. This product is for both Men & Women . This blood sugar medicine contains following extracts:

  • Jambu, Karkasa, Nahi,Gudmar, Methi seeds, Vijaysar :- These herbs Naturally stimulate the pancreas to secrete the insulin thereby controlling the glucose level in the body.
  • Giloy(Guduci): This is a miracle herb which increases the immunity of a person due to various diseases.
  •  Ashwaganda, shatawar: These two herbs are very useful in revitalizing the body due to fatigue and exertion.
  • Shilajit: This rare mineral in a purified natural form is very useful in case of Neuropathy (Numbness in feet) and also act as a diuretic as well as Nervine tonic.
  • Neem Patra: It act as a blood purifier and toxin remover from the body.
  •  Amla: A very good Rasaya, antioxidant, anti ageing and having a rich source of vitamin C.
  • Jamun: It regularizes the urine output thus relieving excessive hunger, thirst and tiredness.

True list of all Ingredients:

Herbs used in the formulationQuantity
Withania Somnifera50mg
Memordia Charantia75mg
Syzygium cumini50mg
Pterocarpus marsupium75mg
Asparagus racemosus50mg
Gymneva sylvestre150mg
Asphaltum pure10mg
Emblica offinalis20mg
Azadirachta indica20mg
Tinospora cordifolia20mg
Trigonella foenum20mg
Processed in the juices of Vijaysar, Gurmar, Jamun, Amla, Neempatra, Fresh Karela, Ashwagandha, Guduchi.

Special Note:

As it is natural, safe & effective and also it does not contain any heavy metals, so this herbo- mineral formulation is totally free from side effects.

Special Advise for Diabetic Patients:  

  • Patients are advised to have regular simple exercises/yoga or walking.
  • Take Jamun, Guava, Ber, Apple, Papaya, Pomegranate in limited Quantity(200gm per day).
  • Take Green Vegetables, Spinach, Radish, Beans etc.
  • Control your temper and stress level.
  • Use steam chicken, Fish & Cheese.

Things to Avoid for Diabetic Patients:

  • Alcohol, Cold drink, Juices, Bakery & Fatty products.
  • Red meat, Pork, lamb, Beef & Beer or use them in limited quantity.
  • Excessive Fried Foods, Noodles, Fried Rice, Chocolates, Sweets & Ice cream.
  • Mangoes, Chikku, Muskmelon, Lichi, Grapes, Banana.
  • Potatoes, Arbi, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Peas & Turnip.

Dosage For DYBE-10 Capsule:

low level: 1 Capsule a day in the morning with water during or before breakfast.

Medium level: 1 capsule twice a day with water during or before breakfast.

High Level: 2 Capsule before or during breakfast and 1 capsule before or during dinner, or as directed by the Physician.

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